Equipment for rent

The society has two rotavators for members to rent. They can be rented for a fee of £15 for half a day. Rentals are on a self fuelling basis. That is, you provide the fuel, and the rental fee will go towards the regular maintenance.

If you are unsure as to how long it takes to rotovate a plot, when I have used a rotovator on my plot, which is only half a plot, it only usually takes a couple of hours to turn the ground over once, from bare undug soil, scatter some chicken pellets and rotavate those in.

There are also a couple of power generators available for those who do not have petrol equipment and wish to bring their electrical strimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers etc. Again these can be rented for £10 per half day.

We endeavour to keep an eye out for any useful equipment that we feel would benefit the society and help those who look at their plot each autumn and think ‘I’ve got to dig this all again.’

If you are interested in renting any equipment, contact the Allotments officer on