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Trophy Cups

Although the annual show will not take place this year due to the corona virus, the allotment committee will be digging out the Trophy Cups and will be awarding them to allotment plot holders at the end of July.

The categories for the cups are:

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Polite Notice

It has been brought to our attention that not everyone is locking the gate upon entering an leaving the allotment site.

Not locking the gate leaves the allotments open to unsavoury persons walking around the premises.

Please ensure that you always lock the gate when you enter and leave the site.

Take it slow!

Unfortunately we have received a complaint from a resident on Glebe Drive over some plot holders (not all) driving too fast, creating a dust cloud over the residents homes due to the dry weather.

As you may be aware, the road is in a very bad condition, a notice is up at the allotment along with the complaint received asking plot holders to reduce their speed.

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Newsletter June 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 edititon of the society newsletter. This edition contains the latest news and informative updates, including:

  • First Aid box
  • Plot rent
  • Opportunity to attend a food growing tour to Sri Lanka
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Annual Rent Update 2020

The annual rents for the plots will now fall due 1st September 2020 instead of 1st October as previous years… bringing the payment date forward to be in line with the financial year end for the allotment society.

I am happy to inform you that the plot rents will remain the same as 2019, at £35.00 per plot. NO INCREASE!

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Water Tanks and Water butts

Please note that water tanks and containers, such as IBC tanks, must be filled using only rain water. These are not to be filled by using a hosepipe.

This is also a polite reminder about being vigilant when filling water butts with a hosepipe. On two occasions within the last 3 weeks, a plot holder has forgotten to turn off the tap, resulting in their water butt overflowing and wasting water. Another plot holder was not aware that their water butt was overflowing whilst still on their plot.

The water supply at the allotment is on a metre and water wastage will have a serious impact on the water bill.

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First Aid Box Donation

A First Aid Kit is now available on site, should the need arise and is accessible under the notice board adjacent to the exchange trolley.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Ian & Sarah Biddles/Buswell from plot 38, for their very kind & generous gesture in covering the cost of the allotment societies first aid kit!

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“My dear friends, this is your hour”

Today, 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which is the day that the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe.  6 years of carnage and destruction had come to an end as Germany surrendered their armed forces. Millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved ones and to hope for the future.

The 75th anniversary provides a great opportunity for our nation and the rest of the world, to reflect on the colossal courage, determination and sacrifice that 2.9 million British soldiers saw us through this dark period.

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