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Plant Sale – ROCKYROADMAN – 8th May

One of our newest plot holders, Tom Phipps, is the proud owner of ROCKYROADMAN, selling his amazing homemade rockyroad desserts.

Tom will be joining us at the plant sale at 2pm on Saturday 8th May, where you can support a fellow plot holder and local business by purchasing and trying a selection of his rockyroad desserts for £2.00 each of 3 for £5.00.

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Trevor Houghton Remembrance

On 4th February 2021, a small group of plot holders, socially distanced, joined Eileen Houghton (pictured sat on Trevors memorial bench) at the allotments to remember the late Trevor Houghton, 1 year after he sadly passed away.


Here at the allotment society, we have have two donations made by some of our plot holders.

A very big thank you to Donna and Alan Footitt of plot B for donating stone planters, these have now been planted up by Gill with spring flowering bulbs.

Also a very big thank you to Dick and Jenny Lee of plot 7 for donating the rooted Christmas Tree, which Gill has potted up and is now in place at the allotments.

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Cow Manure

This season, a surplus amount of Cow manure was made available for sale at £1.00 per wheelbarrow load. This proved very popular and the allotment society made £51.00. Thank you to all plot holders who purchased the surplus manure.

Bird boxes for sale

Dick Lee, of Plot 7 has again kindly made Bird Nesting Boxes that are available to purchase. You can choose between brown or green in colour.

A sample will be available to view on the exchange trolley.

These are for sale at a very reasonable cost of £2.50 and all funds raised will be going into the Allotment Society funds.

If you would like to purchase one, please see Gill at the allotments or contact her on


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Remembering Chris Heaton

A very big thank you goes to Jude and Rachael Heaton for donating to Gill, on behalf of the Allotment Society, the pictured metal sculpture. Gill, with the help of John Houghton has now positioned the sculpture in the community area at the allotments.

As several members may be aware, Chris Heaton was the Chairman of the society for several years, not only looking after the allotments, but also the website. It is only fitting that this sculpture takes pride and place on the allotment in remembrance to Chris Heaton.

Heaviest Pumpkin Competition – The Results

Despite the rain, there was a great turn out yesterday for the heaviest pumpkin competition. A crowd (safely distanced within government guidelines) gathered around the tables outside of plot 32, clutching Gill’s homemade spiced pumpkin soup and beer, eagerly awaiting the weigh in of the heaviest pumpkins!

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Heaviest Pumpkin Competition

With so many plot holders growing pumpkins this year, the committee have decided to run a competition to see who has grown the heaviest pumpkin!
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and there are two categories that you can enter into, the Giant Mammoth and the Normal Halloween Pumpkins.

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