Tallest Sunflower Competition – The Results!

Back in the April 2023 Newsletter, it was announced that all plot holders could take part in the tallest sunflower competition. The rules were simple, grab some free sunflower seeds from Gill, stick them in the ground and nurture them and help them grow!

Judging was due to take place in September, however many are going by their sell by date! So the judging took place at the end of July.

Thank you to all of the plot holders that took part and grew sunflowers on their plot, they all look amazing!

However, there was one clear winner! That is Leanne Chapman of Plot A, along with her parents John and Rita, who also tend to the plot. 

It was actually John who grew the beast, which measured at a whopping 10ft high! Gill can confirm this as she had to climb (safely!) onto their shed roof with a tape measure to get the winning measurement! 

The lucky winner took home a garden gift voucher, Congratulations and well done!

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