Winter Harvesting – Rain Water!

It is that time of the year when the wet stuff falls from the sky, often putting the majority of us off visiting the allotments. That does not mean that your allotment can’t be doing something useful without you being there!

Have you considered harvesting rainwater for use during the warmer weather? All you need is an above ground structure, some guttering and downpipe and a water butt or similar container.

Did you know that rainwater is better for your plants? It often has a lower pH due to the minerals that are sometimes found in a mains water supply.  In hard water areas, which the allotments are in, the pH of your root zone can be raised with mains supply water, which can affect the nutrient availability. 

In addition to the above, harvesting rainwater for use on your plots can save a considerable amount of money on the water bill, meaning more funds that can be spent on improving the allotments for all. 

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