Annual Rent Update 2020

The annual rents for the plots will now fall due 1st September 2020 instead of 1st October as previous years… bringing the payment date forward to be in line with the financial year end for the allotment society.

I am happy to inform you that the plot rents will remain the same as 2019, at £35.00 per plot. NO INCREASE!

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Water Tanks and Water butts

Please note that water tanks and containers, such as IBC tanks, must be filled using only rain water. These are not to be filled by using a hosepipe.

This is also a polite reminder about being vigilant when filling water butts with a hosepipe. On two occasions within the last 3 weeks, a plot holder has forgotten to turn off the tap, resulting in their water butt overflowing and wasting water. Another plot holder was not aware that their water butt was overflowing whilst still on their plot.

The water supply at the allotment is on a metre and water wastage will have a serious impact on the water bill.

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First Aid Box Donation

A First Aid Kit is now available on site, should the need arise and is accessible under the notice board adjacent to the exchange trolley.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Ian & Sarah Biddles/Buswell from plot 38, for their very kind & generous gesture in covering the cost of the allotment societies first aid kit!

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“My dear friends, this is your hour”

Today, 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which is the day that the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe.  6 years of carnage and destruction had come to an end as Germany surrendered their armed forces. Millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved ones and to hope for the future.

The 75th anniversary provides a great opportunity for our nation and the rest of the world, to reflect on the colossal courage, determination and sacrifice that 2.9 million British soldiers saw us through this dark period.

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Plant Sale

On 6 May a plant sale was held at the allotment. It looked like a summer fayre with the beautiful weather, a couple of tables and people buying veg plants kindly donated by various plot holders.

With the current conditions of lockdown some people were struggling to get plants for their plots, especially those already grown from seed, as gardens centre were closed. The weather made the event go really well, and a large number of allotmenteers purchased readily needed plants to put in.

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Donation Appeal

You will be pleased to know that we are not after you money!

Our Allotments Officer, Gill, is recycling old wheelbarrows that have seen better days. Gill is painting them and using them as planters that are being placed around the allotment site. Have you seen some of them already?

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Plant Sale – Wednesday 6th May

On Wednesday 6th May at 16:00pm, there will be a plant sale at the allotments. Limited Stock at very reasonable prices.

Tomato Plants
Lettuce Plants
Cucumber Plants
Chilli Plants
Cauliflower Plants

All proceeds will go to the Allotment Society.

The Post Box

A new postbox for allotment plot holders has been introduced, it can be found on the edge of Plot 32, The Tea Rooms.

This is where you as a plot holder can post your suggestions or comments, they will all be reviewed on a monthly basis with the committee.

There are pens and slips of paper in a plastic wallet on the exchange trolley, for you to write down anything that you would like to see the committee put in place.

Water usage

As was stated by the previous committee, the water situation wasn’t as bad as first thought, which means that the water will continue to be available as before.

A reminder that direct use of hose pipes to water the plot is not allowed. Hose pipes can be used, but only for the topping up of water butts.


One thing that has come to light at the allotment is the degradation of plastic over time. We all recycle compost bags to collect and take away rubbish from our plots. But over a period of time these bags, when left for long periods start to degrade and disintegrate. This also goes for any other form of plastic such as plant pot. The terracotta coloured ones are able to be recycled, but the black ones are accepted by Blaby District Council for recycling.

‘Plastic pots, tubs, trays, and punnets (any colour except black)’

Could we all be a little more mindful about the impact these bags, pots and other plastic items are having on the environment.