A personal message from your allotment officer, Gill Postlethwaite


To all plot holders, thank you to all plot holders who have given their support to me during my 1st year as allotment officer. It was my intention upon being voted onto the committee to bring a fresh new updated look and services to the allotment society, which hopefully you have all seen the new look around the allotments.

Due to COVID19 this year, which started in March and is still ongoing, we were unable to hold the annual show or the AGM meeting this year. Better news that in lockdown, plot holders were able to tend to their plots, with everyone out in force as this was a place that was not deemed as off limits!

So to end my 1st year as allotment officer, from me to you all.

A personal big thank you from me over the past year for giving their continued and ongoing support, not only to me but to the allotment society: Dick and Jenny Plot 7, Carl Spreckley PLot 11,  John and Andrew Houghton, Roger and Gill Biddles Plot 52, David Millar Plot 50, John Mcgowan Plot 48, Ian Biddles and Sarah Buswell Plot 38, Dave Merrick Plot 17, as well as Kieth & Barbara Stretton and Rob Williamson, who although are no longer plot holders and committee members, are still supporting the Allotment Society.

I wish each and every one of you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy the Christmas tree!

Gill xxx

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  1. Countesthorpe garden and allotment society. Thank you Gill for keeping us all motivated over this difficult year .it’s been a lifeline for many of us to be able to come and see a friendly face. You’ve done a great job .Happy Christmas to you and Tony Gill & Roger

  2. Thank You … Roger & Gill Biddles For posting your very kind comments .. .also thank you to Sharon & Paul Stovold for your Christmas Card & comments posted in the Allotment post box…
    Merry Christmas …Gill x

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