Green Community Grant Success!

Over the last 10 months or so the committee have discussed acquiring a compost toilet for the allotment to increase the facilities there for such things as social events and possible open days.

Blaby District council offer a Community Grant Scheme whereby applications for a project can be submitted and a panel sit and decide on the merits of the project.

A proposal was put together by the committee and an application submitted at the end of August 2021. At the beginning of October, after a few hoop jumping exercises, the society were successful in being awarded a grant under the Green Grants scheme option, and are now in the process, once funds have been transferred of purchasing a compost toilet for use by our members, their families and any other persons attending social events put on by the society.

This had been something that the late Chris Heaton, former chairman, was keen to see happen and at last it has.

Watch this space for updates!

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